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Last Updated on January 21, 2015

stair chair lift rentalWilliams Lift Company, based out of Union County, New Jersey, is happy to offer stair chair lift rentals as a temporary option for those in need of an accessibility solution. Williams Lift Company is among the only companies in the New Jersey area offering a full stair chair lift rental selection as an alternative to purchasing a stair lift.

“If you have friends or family members with limited mobility staying at your home, it doesn’t make financial sense to invest in a permanent stair lift when you’ll only need it for a short period of time,” says Susan Williams, Sales Manager of Williams Lift Company. “We’re happy to be one of the only dealers in New Jersey offering stair chair lift rental while the majority of our competitors only sell them.”

In addition to being a great solution for accommodating friends and family, a stair chair lift rental is ideal in a number of other situations as well. For those recovering at home from an injury or surgery and need a lift chair to get up and down stairs, renting one from us is an affordable alternative to purchasing one.

“The worst part about experiencing an injury or surgery is being left in your home without having the ability to move around,” Susan continues. “Experiencing an injury or recovering after surgery can be hard, but Williams Lift is here to offer products that help people stay mobile during their recovery process.”

Stair Chair Lift Rental Installed In 24-48 Hours

Getting started with a stair chair lift rental is as simple as making a call, getting your stairway measured and then a technician will be sent to your home within 24-48 hours to perform the installation. From there you can make low monthly payments for as long as you require the lift chair.

If you’re interested in a stair chair lift rental, please get in touch with Williams Lift by filling out this contact form.

About Williams Lift Company

Williams Lift Company is a division of Williams Surgical which was opened in 1947 by Thomas E. Williams. It continues to be owned and operated by the Williams Family to this day. Williams Lift Company is among the most trusted companies in New Jersey, servicing the 07023 and 07083 zip codes.