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Last Updated on March 6, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 10.08.11 AMHow often have we heard the wish, “I want to stay in my home.” Most people love their home, as it is a place of comfort, security, and memories. But what happens when your staircase becomes an obstacle to making this wish come true?

Statistics show that walking up and down stairs is a leading cause of falls for people of any age or ability. But what’s more, as we get older, our chances of falling increases: more than 33% of of people over 65 fall each year.

Aging at Home Comfortably: Stairlifts Can Help You Get Your Independence Back

The installation of a stair lift can provide effortless movement between floors, removing the physical limitations and dangers of your stairs. In addition, it will also reduce the wear and tear on ankles, hips, and knee joints, thus making you more comfortable.

Most importantly, stairlifts are one of the easiest ways to help prevent dangerous falls for those who are more prone to accidents due to health or age.

Stairlift Options and Installation

At Williams Lift Company, we are completely focused on making aging at home as easy as possible through a variety of stairlift options that work best for your family, home, and budget. New or refurbished stairlifts can be rented or purchased and come in a variety of models to ensure that no matter your staircase, there is a lift that gives you a viable option for greater mobility.

What’s more, you don’t have to worry about your lift not working during a blackout– they are battery powered and will work even if you don’t have electricity in the rest of your home. The installation process is quick and easy– most are done in a few hours and allow you to begin using your stairlift immediately.

Aging at Home With More Freedom Than Ever

Stairlifts offer the best mobility between floors of your home, but for smaller sets of stairs indoors or outdoors, we also offer several different varieties of wheelchair and accessibility ramps that can give you even more options. Ramps and stairlifts can work together to ensure that your home is as accessible as possible for whomever may visit or live there.

Williams Lift Company has a strong history in the medical industry and has been bringing mobility options to homeowners since 1947. We focus on great service, customized options, and more independence for our customers. If you’re interested in a stairlift that can provide you and your family members with more freedom in your home, call us today at 908-322-7070 for a free estimate.