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temporary stair lift rental

Temporary stair lift rentals are a great solution to aid those recovering at home from an injury or surgery.

The worst part about experiencing an injury or surgery is being left in your home without having the ability to move around. Experiencing an injury or recovering after surgery can be hard, but it’s good to know there is a company out there that offer products, like temporary stair lift rentals, to help people stay mobile during their recovery process.

Temporary stair lift rentals are a solution many residents of NJ use to get around their home more easily. They can also be used to help seniors or visiting family members gain access to all floors in the home. Temporary stair lift rentals are affordable and our factory-trained technicians can usually install an electric chair lift within 24-48 hours after we take proper measurements.

Renting a temporary stair lift is an attractive option due to the low initial down payment and low monthly rental payments. The rentals can also be a great temporary solution for any situation. We are conveniently located in Fanwood, NJ.

We are here to help you with all of your stair lift rental needs. Your safety is one of our main priorities. We care about each customer we come into contact with and are proud to offer you high-quality stair lift rentals near you!

Temporary Stair Lift Rentals From Williams Lifts

How do you know if investing in temporary stair lift rentals is right for you? If any of the following applies, then it may be a wise choice:

  • Your situation is temporary (less than 6 months)
  • The length of need is unknown
  • You have visitors staying at your home who are in need of accessibility
  • Low monthly payments are needed
  • Short-term rehabilitation

If you’re interested in our temporary stair lift rentals near you, please do not hesitate to contact us. Fill out the contact form on this page, leaving your information and a representative will get back to you shortly. Rent a chair glide and notice the time and effort saved on moving around your home.