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Several Different Types of Ramps Offered

Just like people, we know that every home is different. In addition to our free estimate, we offer several different types of ramps to meet your needs:

Modular Wheelchair Ramps:

These ramps come in aluminum and offer a non-skid surface, as well as a 1000 pound weight capacity, to insure that all traffic coming and going on the ramp is safe and secure.

Threshold Wheelchair and Accessibility Ramps:

These aluminum, non-skid ramps offer a simple sloped solution for getting over sliding glass door frames, raised landings, and high-framed doorways.

Suitcase Ramps:

These portable ramps make traveling much easier. With a 800 lb capacity capable of holding wheelchairs and scooters, these ramps are easy to set up and move around as needed.

Tri-Fold Ramps:

When visiting a friend or family member, it can be difficult to access raised landings or stairs. These portable ramps come in 5 to 10 foot lengths and can help make traveling to non-accessible homes and buildings much easier.

Pathway Ramps:

These straight ramps provide a temporary or permanent solution for smaller sets of stairs in front of homes. Anyone who has trouble going up and down stairs can find that the pathway ramp makes access a lot easier.

While wheelchair & accessibility ramps can seem a little intimidating, we assure you that the ramp models we carry are the safest available in New Jersey. Their non-skid surfaces ensure that you can journey safely up the ramp to your destination, without fear of an unsteady or slippery surface. In addition, the slow incline of the ramps allow for easier movement up and down levels.

Make The Home You Love More Welcoming Than Ever

The Williams Lift Company has a single goal: to make your home as comfortable as possible for everyone who may visit or reside there. We want our wheelchair & accessibility ramps to be a seamless part of entering, exiting, and getting around your home. Our experienced ramp specialists will recommend the best ramp solution for your New Jersey home that can make your life easier for many years to come.

If you’d like to learn more about wheelchair & accessibility ramps in New Jersey, please call us today for free estimate or brochure at 908-325-3648.