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straight stair lifts

In addition to offering curved stair lifts, we also offer a full line of straight stair lifts. We deal exclusively in straight stair lifts made by Bruno and Brooks by Acorn.

Here is some information and key features of each of the straight stair lift models we carry.

Bruno Straight Stair Lifts

As a dealer of Bruno straight stair lifts we are pleased to offer two distinct models of Bruno’s industry-leading stairlift line that are made to fit straight rails. These two models are for indoor use only.

Bruno is North America’s largest producer of indoor stairlifts, so you can ensure that whichever stairlift you select to have installed in your home it will meet the industry’s highest standards of quality and durability.

The two models of Bruno stair lifts we carry are the Elan and the Elite. Here are the key differences between each of them:

Bruno Elan Straight Rail Stairlift

The Bruno Elan model features a straight rail with a covered track for clean appearance which hides all mechanical components. The Bruno Elan comes complete with audio diagnostics – making service easier and more precise. Additional features include wireless call/send controls, optional folding lower track section and a 300lb weight capacity.

Bruno Elite Straight Rail Stairlift

The Bruno Elite models offers the finest in streamlined, ultra-compact design and performance. Bruno Elite stair lifts reflect the taste and sophistication of the most elegant homes, setting a new standard for residential accessibility, and allowing those with limited mobility to access all areas of their house. This chair has a 400lb weight capacity.

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Brooks by Acorn Straight Stair Lifts

Williams Lifts is a leading dealer of Brooks by Acorn stair lifts.  We are happy to offer the Brooks by Acorn brand as a practical and affordable solution to all of your mobility needs.

We offer the Brooks by Acorn 130 Superglide model, which includes such features as a padded seat and backrest to ensure the most comfortable ride available. The Superglide model also comes equipped with with directional paddle switches and a seatbelt for added security.

Other conveniences of the Brooks by Acorn Superglide include folding arms, seat and footrest. A lockable swivel seat will allow you to safely enter and exit without the need for twisting the body. The most loved feature of the Superglide is its fold-away slimline design which allows you to easily access it whenever needed, while taking up as little space as possible when you don’t

Click here for full information about the Brooks by Acorn Superglide.

Straight Stair Lifts From Williams Lifts

We are happy to serve New Jersey residents with our Bruno and Brooks by Acorn straight stair lifts. If you’re not sure which one is right for you, please make an appointment to try each of them out in our showroom.

Contact us today to learn more about our mobility equipment and how to receive a free evaluation.