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Last Updated on January 21, 2015

When considering whether or not to invest in a stair chair for mobility needs, many customers’ top concern is that it may be difficult to learn how to use a stair chair. We are happy to tell you that couldn’t be further from the truth.

You’ll find that using a stair chair is actually fairly simple. Allow us to explain by walking you through the process of how to use a stair chair.

How To Use A Stair Chair: A Step-By-Step Guide

Step 1:
The first thing you’ll do is sit on the stair chair exactly as you would sit on any other chair. Depending on the model you’re using you may also find that the chair swivels at the top for easier access. If that’s the case, then it’s always easier to mount or dismount a stair chair when the swivel seat is positioned away from the staircase.

Otherwise, without a swivel seat, accessing the seat on a stair chair will be a little more difficult than a regular seat due to the fact that the motor, batteries, transmission, and other electronic parts are all located in the base of the eat.

Step 2:
Once you’re firmly seated, position the swivel seat so that it’s facing across from the staircase and make sure to lock it in place. Then adjust the footrest so that you can rest your feet comfortably while seated. Depending on your model of stair chair, there may also be a seatbelt and arm rests which you can position in place at this time.

In addition to added comfort, a footrest will protect you from injury in the unlikely event that the stair chair hits anything on the way up or down the staircase. There are cut-off switches built into the footrest that will cause the stair chair to stop moving if it comes into contact with anything.

Step 3:
When the footrests, armrests, and seatbelt are securely locked in place you can now use the control switch, which is located at the end of one of the arms. When you activate the control switch the motor will rotate the gears and the chair will be on its way up or down the staircase. The control switch can be controlled to move in either direction, either up or down the staircase.

Step 4:
After reaching the other end of the staircase, you can safely dismount the stair chair after swiveling the seat away from the staircase (if applicable).

How To Use A Stair Chair: Conclusion

We hope we have relieved your concerns about how to use a stair chair. If there’s anything else you’d like to know, please leave a comment below or contact us directly via the contact form on the sidebar.

Better yet, book an appointment to come in and see our showroom. We’d love to give you a personal demonstration of how to use a stair chair.