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Last Updated on March 3, 2021

Having a wheelchair can help a person with a physical disability regain their mobility and independence, but for most people, having just the power wheelchair itself is not enough to be comfortable. Having power wheelchair accessories is also a must for those in a wheelchair, as it can help them feel more comfortable while also keeping things they need close at hand. Some must-have electric wheelchair accessories include fun wheelchair accessories such as tech gadgets, while others include wheelchairImage of a blue and white wheelchair sign for an article about power wheelchair accessories. accessories like bags, so people can keep belongings close by. Read on to learn more about seven power wheelchair accessories that are great to have. 

1. Power Wheelchair Accessories: Beverage Cup Holder 

For many people, including those with disabilities, staying hydrated throughout the day is a major issue. Having a beverage cup holder installed is one of the best power wheelchair accessories because it ensures that someone can always have a beverage close at hand when needed. Holders usually are secured right onto the armrest of the power wheelchair and are very easy to install. 

2. Power Wheelchair Accessories: Wheelchair Backpack

Just like a regular backpack, a wheelchair backpack straps right onto the back of the wheelchair and has plenty of space for needed belongings that one might need throughout the day, and are one of the most useful accessories for wheelchairs, both power and manual. Not all wheelchair backpacks are created equally, so look for ones that offer side entry and reinforced canvas for durability. 

3. Power Wheelchair Accessories: Cloud Assistive Devices

For those who cannot access a smartphone or tablet due to the inability to use their upper body, there are cloud-connected assistive devices that are perfect power wheelchair accessories. These can help anyone use a smartphone or tablet hands-free to talk, text, watch movies or media—basically do anything on a device that they’d like to do. 

4. Power Wheelchair Accessories: Wheelchair Canopy or Shade

If you’re looking for cool wheelchair accessories that are also convenient, a canopy or shade is a must, particularly if you intend to enjoy some time outside in the sun, or will be outside in inclement weather, such as the rain or snow. These easily snap on the chair and can pop up so that you don’t get too much sun when it’s hot, or they protect you from the rain like an umbrella. 

5. Power Wheelchair Accessories: Robotic Arm

Accessories that are also incredibly useful include a robotic arm. Those who have trouble performing daily tasks such as drinking from a cup, eating, opening doors, or pushing buttons can install the arm directly into the wheelchair. It’s an incredibly cool innovation that helps people with dexterity issues or who have lost a limb truly get their lives back. 

6. Mobility Aid Holder

If you use a wheelchair and use a cane or walker as well, attaching an aid holder to your wheelchair will help you get up and down as you switch from mobility aid to mobility aid. These power wheelchair accessories attach right to the wheelchair so you seamlessly can stand up and sit down again without the risk of falling or losing your balance. 

7. Portable Oxygen Tank Carrier

For those on oxygen, having it close at hand is a must. A portable carrier fits neatly on the back of a power wheelchair and is a must-have accessory for those who use oxygen daily. These carries fit both portable round and square oxygen containers.

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