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Last Updated on January 31, 2013


If you use a wheelchair, walker, or pushchair to get around, Wheelmap can help you plan out a route that will be accessible to you before you leave home. Developed by Sozialhelden, this iPhone app can help people like you get around your home city with little difficulty. Mobility impaired individuals who like to travel can even use the app as a planning tool to determine how accessible a tourist destination is before making travel arrangements.

Do you find that getting around your New Jersey home is at least as difficult as getting around town? With the help of stairway lifts, wheelchair ramps, and wheelchair lifts from Williams Lift Company, you can equip your home with all the amenities that will make living there comfortable and safe for you. To learn more about our mobility enhancement products and installation services, callĀ 908-322-7070.

Click here to download the app to your phone.


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