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Last Updated on January 28, 2014


For people who struggle to climb up and down stairs or suffer from reduced mobility in some way, a stairlift can be an immensely helpful addition to the home. A stairlift can bolster your confidence and make your entire house accessible again. Fortunately, these useful pieces of equipment can be either rented or bought, so you can likely make room for a stairlift installation within your budget.


When you rent a stairlift, it technically remains the property of the company that rented it to you, but it stays in your home. You will make monthly payments instead of a one-time purchase, although you may be required to make an additional first-time payment to cover installation costs for your stairlift. Fortunately, you can typically choose between reconditioned stairlifts or new, more expensive stairlifts, so rental plans can still be versatile and affordable.


Buying a stairlift may seem like a significant expense compared to the monthly payments that rentals offer, but the stairlift pays off in multiple ways. Most importantly, it gives you easy access to your entire house and eliminates any worries of falling down the stairs or not having the energy to climb them. You also have the option to purchase reconditioned stairlifts at much cheaper prices than new models or buy a new stairlift that is customized for your home. If you purchase a warranty, you will receive helpful maintenance if anything should malfunction. The expense of a purchased stairlift is also less of a burden when you consider the fact that you can sell or rent it when it is no longer in use.

Making the choice between renting and buying a stairlift can be tricky, but Williams Lift Company will gladly answer any questions that you may have. You can call us at (908) 322-7070, visit our website, or stop by and see us if you live in the New Jersey area. We also provide ramp and wheelchair rentals and sales, and are happy to install any product we sell.

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