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Last Updated on May 15, 2018

chair stair lift pricesChair stair lift prices largely depend on the type of stair lift you need for your home. Generally speaking, there are two categories of stair lifts. There are stair lifts that come as-is, right out of the box, which are cut-to-length and set up as a straight stair lift. Then there are custom curved lifts, which involve creating a stair lift just for your set of stairs after an immense amount of measuring.

Chair stair lift prices will range according to which category of stair lift is required for your particular home. A custom curved lift can sometimes cost more than twice the price of a straight stair lift. Chair stair lift prices also depend on how many optional features you decide to add.

The two brands we deal with at Williams Lifts are Bruno and Brooks by Acorn. They both build a great product, honor their warranties, and offer excellent customer support. As both brands offer top quality products you can expect to see similar pricing across the board. Reasons for choosing one over the other would depend on which brand offers the best features to suit your individual needs. That’s something that would be determined during the initial consultation.

When it comes to an important purchase, especially one which your quality of life will depend on, we do not recommend going with the cheapest option by default. There are important questions you need to ask in addition to comparing chair stair lift prices, and the model you end up buying should be thoroughly researched beforehand. You wouldn’t go to a car dealership and automatically go for the lowest price without considering all options, would you? The same applies here.

It’s not just the upfront chair stair lift cost that you have to consider either. There’s also the stair chair lift installation cost. Most importantly, you have to consider the entire cost of ownership after the sale. With that said, here are some questions you should ask during a consultation.

What does the warranty cover?

Across the board, with all stair lifts, you will typically see a 5-year warranty on the motor, a 2-3 year warranty on parts, and a 6-month warranty covering the cost of labor.

How much are service calls?

If your stair lift needs repairs or maintenance, you need to know how much it’s going to cost to get a technician out to your house. You should also ask whether or not the cost of parts are covered. If not, ask how much it would cost for the parts that people would most commonly need to buy on their own.

How fast do you respond to service calls?

Going with the cheapest price is no bargain if it takes the dealer a week to send someone to your house to fix your stair lift. The best dealers will either get to you the same day or the next day at the latest.

Chair Stair Lift Prices: In Summary

While it may be tempting to compare prices and go with the lowest option, you may be doing yourself a disservice in the long run — especially when it comes to something as important as a stair lift. For the best price on a stair lift, please inquire about our used stair lifts for sale.

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