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Last Updated on September 10, 2012


Is your business unwelcoming to persons with handicaps? While you may not mean for it to be, certain physical barriers may make it difficult for individuals with disabilities to easily access and navigate your facility. Revamping your facility to make it more accessible can be simple with the right equipment. Here are some tips to help you update your business to become more accessible to customers with disabilities:

1.      Install a Ramp Outside

If the front entry to your business is elevated or uses stairs, it will be impossible for persons in wheelchairs to access the front door. Consider installing a wheelchair ramp to make access to your front entry easier. There are many different types of ramps from which to choose. Pathways ramps are designed to be portable and easy to store, making them an ideal temporary solution. For something more permanent, consider a modular ramp, which can be designed to effectively fit your entryway’s design.

2.      Add Wheelchair Lifts

An alternative to installing a ramp is to install a wheelchair lift. Wheelchair lifts make navigating elevated areas in your business effortless. Users simply position themselves on the lift and use its controls to lift or lower themselves to the desired area. Wheelchair lifts are great for elevated patios, entryways, or even parking garages.

3.      Include Stairway Lifts

Finally, consider installing a stairway lift in your facility to make accessing multiple levels easier. These lifts carry users up a flight of stairs, making traveling through large indoor areas easier. Many models can even carry wheelchairs, allowing users to use the lift independently.

For more tips on increasing accessibility for your business, contact Williams Lift Company in Fanwood, NJ. We specialize in accessibility solutions for homes and businesses, and serve the entire New Jersey area. Visit us online or call (908) 322-7070 for more information on our lifts and ramps.


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