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Last Updated on September 27, 2023

One of the best ways to age gracefully and safely in place is the addition of a chair lift. Not only does it help protect against falls, but it is also great for mobility when a person has difficulty mounting or descending stairs. It’s also an ideal choice for those with vertigo.

However, not all houses and dwellings are built alike, and you may be wondering how it works for chair lifts for stairs with landings. In these cases, it’s still easily possible to install a chair lift, as there are many ideas for ideas for stairs and landings. Read on to learn more about stair lifts for stairs with a landing and what choices there are when tackling this issue.

Can You Put a Chair Lift on Stairs with a Landing?

The short answer is—yes. However, there are several options for chair lifts for stairs with landings. You may wonder, can chair stair lifts go around a stair landing? Yes, they can, with a curved stair lift. But, depending on the layout of your home, your mobility, and your preferences, you may want to use two straight stair lifts instead of one curved one.

Curved Stair Lift vs Two Straight Lifts

When you have stairways and landings and require a stair lift or chair lift, the basics include one of two options: you can install one curved stair lift that will navigate your landing and take you directly up and down the stairs, or install two straight lifts, which will require enough mobility and presence of mind to dismount on the landing. A person or caregiver may prefer two straight lifts because of the price of chair lifts for stairs with landings. On average, it can cost about $4,000 less to install two stair lifts instead of one, depending on the layout.

Some pros of two straight lifts include:

  • Less expensive price tag
  • Two riders can use the stairs at the same time (i.e., one can go up, and one can go down)
  • Perfect solution for a split level or raised ranch, as the landing is also often the entrance to the home

Some cons of two straight lifts for staircase landings include

  • Enough mobility is required to dismount on the landing during lifts
  • There is not enough room for a caregiver on the landing with both chair lifts for stairs with landings in place
  • Doorways or rooms could be blocked
  • Foot traffic on the stairs may be more difficult to maneuver

You may also be looking for outdoor chair lifts for stairs with landings—while pros and cons may vary slightly, the decision between one curved vs two straight lifts remains.

Some homeowners may prefer a curved lift, which takes you up or down the stairs in one ride, curving around the landing. What to put on the staircase landing is important in either case—the landing should be clear of clutter and debris.

If you choose a curved chair lift for stairs with a landing, consider the pros and cons. Pros of a curved staircase include:

  • It can be custom-tweaked to fit nearly any staircase
  • It is a better choice for those with less mobility or balance
  • The rider can still stop on the landing should they choose to want to step off
  • This style of chair lift will not crowd the landing, and a caregiver or helper can be present
  • A curved stair lift offers an extremely comfortable ride

Some of the downsides of a curved staircase could potentially include:

  • More expensive than two straight lifts
  • If more than one person needs to use the chair lift in the home, it can be inconvenient

Choosing a Chair Lift for Stairs for Landings

If you require a chair lift for stairs for landings in your home and are undecided, first take a look at your stairway shape. The most common designs include winder stairs, L-shaped stairs, U-shaped stairs, and straight stairs. How the layout is directly proportional to the chair lift style you may want. Also, take mobility and expense in as factors. If you or your loved one has a fair amount of mobility and is on a budget, two straight chair lifts for stairs with landings are optimal. If there are cognitive or mobility issues and your budget is a little higher, the curved stair lift would be the wisest choice.

To learn more about stair lifts and chair lifts for stairs with landings or more about mobility products that can be life-changing, contact Williams Lift Co. today. We want both patients and their caregivers to live their best lives.