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Last Updated on July 27, 2020

There are a few essential modifications that you can make to a home to make it more comfortable for someone to age in place. Image of stairs for an article about the benefits of stair chair lifts for the elderly.One such modification is to install a stair chair lift. Home chair lifts for stairs can make mobility easier and possible for someone who has trouble getting around, whether it’s due to age or disability. 

Read on to learn more about the benefits of stair chair lifts for the elderly, and other facts about electric chair lifts.

What Are the Benefits of Stair Chair Lifts for the Elderly: Why Install?

There are many reasons to install stair lifts for seniors. One of the main reasons is independence. As one begins to age, they don’t always want to be placed in a community or nursing home. Often, they want to be in their own house. Chair lifts for the elderly can offer independence and mobility by putting a chair lift in the home

Another reason to install a chair lift for the elderly is for safety. A chair lift for the stairs can help promote safety because an electric chair lift for the stairs eliminates the risk of a misstep and missing a step. 

Chair lifts for steps also make sure you’ll never trip over an object that’s on the step. Further, chair lifts for seniors also ensure you’ll never slip, because you’re safely strapped into the stairway chair lift

There are also additional safety benefits of a stair chair lift. Using a chairlift for stairs, you can carry objects, even heavy ones, up and down stairs in your lap without worry or risk of falling. Using an electric stair chair, carrying laundry (or even groceries, if needed) up a flight of steps is no longer anxiety-causing. 

There are also other benefits of an elderly chair lift. An electric chair for the stairs is practical and economical, if you’ve made the choice to age in place. Making small modifications now—such as a chair lift for seniors—can make an economical impact much later. 

If the mortgage is already paid and the expenses are low, making modifications is much more economical than moving into a retirement community or partial nursing home. A stair chair lift and other modifications can help you feel more comfortable in your own space. 

Benefits of Stair Chair Lifts for the Elderly: Certain Types of Home Chair Lifts

There are different types of stair chair lifts to consider when you’re deciding which motorized stair chair is best for you. 

You may wonder, “Can stairlifts be fitted to my stairs?” You may also wonder, “do stair lifts use a lot of electricity?” 

Most electric chair lifts for stairs can be installed in just a matter of minutes and can be easily fitted. There are chair lifts for stairs with landings, and motorized stair chairs for straight stairs and chairlifts for seniors for curved staircases. There are also chair lifts for steps, such as for those you’d find outdoors. Of course, these stair chair lifts are more resistant to the elements than their indoor counterparts.

A motorized chair for the stairs does not use up much electricity and should only cost about $15 per year to operate. Often, a chairlift for seniors is designed with energy efficiency in mind. One thing to consider, however—lift seats for the elderly do need to plug in to charge, so a chair lift for senior citizens should be installed near an eclectic outlet for this reason.

To find out more about stair chair lifts for the elderly, or to learn about other mobility products that can be life-changing, such as wheelchair ramps, contact us today at Williams Lift Co. We want both caregivers and their loved ones to lead their best lives.