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Last Updated on December 16, 2011

Hello Everybody!

Are you a fan of reality television? If you have turned on your television set  even just once in the past decade, you are sure to  have seen and got sucked in to at least one reality television series. From hit shows like Survivor and The Bachelor which are purely entertainment, to more psychologically engaging shows like Strange Sex, Intervention, or MTV’s hit show “True Life” – there is definately a reality show series for anybody and everybody.

One of the more recent reality shows that digs in to the psychological disorders of individuals who cannot seem to let go of anything, is A&E’s Hoarders. The premise of this show is to go in to the houses of people all across America who hoard, and help them completely clean their house so that they may let go of material things that they simply do not need. Doctors and show hosts become very close with each featured guest, helping them learn and accept that hoarding is indeed a mental disorder.

Williams Lift Company, along with Back Home Safely installed a Bruno vertical wheelchair lift at a very discounted price to help a customer who will be featured on the Hoarders show this next Monday, December 20th at 10PM on A&E. Be sure to watch this episode to learn more about Hoarding and to see our featured Bruno vertical wheelchair lift.

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A&E's Obsessed : Hoarding

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