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Last Updated on November 17, 2012


A vehicle lift purchase should be influenced by your daily schedule, total mobility, and transportation options. This summary of Bruno’s top-of-the-line product can help you match a vehicle or wheelchair lift to your needs.

  • Curb-Sider: This vehicle lift is installed to one side of your vehicles’ cargo bay. The mechanism uses a compact, crane-like operation to lift power chairs above curbs and directly into the back of a van or crossover. Set-up simply requires looping a docking handle under the seat of your power chair.
  • Chariot: You don’t need a van to safely transport a power chair or scooter. The Bruno Chariot is equally equipped on sedans, compacts, and crossovers. Users only need to load the vehicle onto the Chariot’s platform, attach the tension belts, and press a button. Power chairs are then automatically lifted into position and the Chariot is ready for the road. Chariot-style lifts are especially useful for the family of a scooter user.
  • Out-Rider: Pick-up drivers with vehicles to haul should check out the Bruno Out-Rider. This crane-like lift is similar to the Bruno Curb-Sider but is installed in the bed of a heavy-duty truck. Truck drivers will never have to worry about scratching their bed or harming a mobility vehicle ever again.
  • Joey: Those with a full-sized power chair or scooters may also need the extra convenience of Bruno’s Joey Lift. This vehicle transport uses a wide platform to efficiently lift vehicles into a van. Power chair users with busy schedules prefer the Joey for its easily accessible ramp and quick lift features.
  • Back-Saver: Sometimes drivers just need a simple spot to store their wheelchair between errands. That’s where Bruno’s low-tech Back-Saver lift comes in hand. This simple lift is the perfect spot to hook up a foldable wheelchair. Consumers with mobility needs will be hard pressed to find a solution simpler than the Back-Saver.

These and other Bruno brand vehicle lifts are available through the Williams Lift Company. Let us help you obtain the mobility-enhancing equipment you need. Call us at 908-322-7070 for ordering information.

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