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Last Updated on July 23, 2012

A wheelchair is a vehicle like any other, which means that the methods you should use to maintain it are remarkably similar to those you’d use for a car or a bicycle.  In order to keep your wheel chair on the move, follow these easy and simple  guidelines:

  • Don’t Let Problems Remain Unresolved

People tend to ignore the little indications that their car is in trouble. As inconvenient as it is for your car to break down because you failed to take note of its problems, it’s infinitely more problematic when your wheelchair stops working. Instead of ignoring your chair’s little hiccups, get in contact with someone who can help you right away.

  • Keep It Clean

You’ll need to make sure that your wheelchair is as clean as possible in order to keep it in good working order and to prevent illness or infection. You should wipe down your cushions on a regular basis and make sure that the entire frame gets cleaned. Pay particular attention to the wheels, which can pick up debris that make it more difficult for them to turn and keep you on the move.

  • Regular Routine Maintenance

Don’t abuse your wheelchair by not giving it its due maintenance.  You should check the tire pressure on a regular basis and have the tires re-inflated with a bicycle pump if they’re starting to go flat. You should also make sure that your wheelchair is properly aligned by having a friend test to see if it’s pulling right or left when you’re not in it.  If you have a motorized wheelchair, then you need to recharge it on a regular basis; if you let the battery lose all charge, then you may end up having to pay for a new battery!

If you use a wheelchair and want to improve your mobility around the house, then you should contact Williams Lift Company.  At Williams Lift Company, we provide a variety of stairway lifts and wheelchair ramps, among other home healthcare and mobility products.  To learn more about our products and services, call (908) 322-7070 today.

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