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Last Updated on October 11, 2018

wheelchair exercise equipmentOne of the biggest misconceptions out there is that once you are in a wheelchair, you have to give up everything you like, including going to the gym. Wheelchair exercise equipment seems too expensive, too difficult to obtain. There is also a larger question: will the local gym be wheelchair friendly? While it seems like an overwhelming obstacle to get into the gym, with the right wheelchair exercise equipment, you can return to working out.

Wheelchair Exercise Equipment: The Basics

The FES bike is the first thing people think about when they hear the words wheelchair workout equipment.” While many don’t know it under that name, it is recognizable for its place in rehabilitation facilities to maintain leg muscle. It works by placing pads on the legs to stimulate the movement needed to use the bike. It is popular for its therapeutic usages and is becoming more mainstream with gyms across the country.

Wheelchair rollers are another popular wheelchair exercise equipment. A wheelchair roller acts like a treadmill, letting the user roll the chair in place. It boasts the same benefits as the traditional treadmill of cardiovascular and stamina improvement, but wheelchair rollers also allow you to build arm muscle to go longer distances. Users have cited its use as one of the better confidence builders when transitioning to wheelchair life.

Another important basic wheelchair exercise equipment is the therapy resistance band. While it seems like a simple tool, it provides wheelchair users easy access to muscle-building exercises. With different kinds of resistance levels, it can fit every person’s fitness level. The band’s popularity among therapists and bodybuilders makes it one of the best basics for any person looking to strengthen themselves.

Adapting the Gym

So now the question is whether or not you can make wheelchair exercise equipment with what is already available to you at the local gym. Is the space provided ADA-friendly? Will there be a place for you to use the weights without running into anyone?

The answer to some of the questions can be answered with a trip to your local gyms. Looking at how the weight area is configured can give you an idea of what weights you can use. This is also applied to how the resistance machines are set up. The empty classrooms can also be an excellent area to practice wheelchair yoga. When in doubt, you can also call the gym and see if you can speak to the manager for more information on their facilities. Many gyms have successfully adapted regular equipment into wheelchair exercise equipment.

Wheelchair Exercise Equipment: In Conclusion

While daunting at first, there are options out there for people who want to return to their gym-going lifestyles. There are ways to adapt current machines for usage, but there is also  wheelchair exercise equipment available to make it possible to regain your independence as well as up your activity levels. Here at Williams Lift, we want to make your life easier when adapting your home for wheelchair usage. Contact us today so we can get you on your way to that next gym session.

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