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Last Updated on June 25, 2019

What is adaptive clothing and what adaptive clothing means for the elderly.Adaptive clothing is clothing designed specifically for those who may have mobility or other issues and may not be able to use features such as buttons or zippers. While adaptive clothing for wheelchair users is the most popular type of adaptive clothing, there are also pieces for those with sensory issues, such as autism or related disorders.

Read on to learn more about what adaptive clothing is, what types may work well for your or your family member’s situation, and which companies are considered tops when it comes to adaptive clothing for the elderly or disabled.

Adaptive Clothing: Versatile and Varied

There are several types of adaptive clothing, and many of these types work well for different situations and disabilities. Adaptive clothing is a feature typically seen as one of the following:

  • Zippers with large pull tabs, so that they’re easy to pull
  • Back-style garments, for patients who cannot lift their arms
  • Open-back garments
  • Dresses, shirts, and pants with Velcro closures
  • Side zippers on pants and skirts

Adaptive clothing is not just limited to the clothing itself, but to accessories also. It’s not uncommon to see shoes with Velcro closures instead of shoelaces, or shoes and slippers that have a width adjustment for when feet are swollen and larger than normal. Adaptive clothing is also not just limited to house clothes or casual clothes. There are several wheelchair clothing and adaptive clothing companies that manufacture formal clothing as well. Designers of adaptive clothing are also aware of new designs in wheelchair technology and are creating designs with those needs in mind as well.

Adaptive Clothing: Not Just for Mobility Issues

Some patients with a disability may need a different type of adaptive clothing. This type of adaptive clothing is more designed for sensory issues and is advertised as such. Some people have an aversion or dislike certain feelings and materials, and this adaptive clothing is made with textures that are sensitive to those issues. These lines are made for everyone including children, and there are many styles available for adults. Quite often, adaptive clothing made for wheelchair or mobility use also uses texture-friendly material to keep in mind sensory needs as well.

Adaptive Clothing Is Readily Available

If you’re wondering where to buy adaptive clothing, the easiest answer is to look online. There are quite a few shops that sell many different types of adaptive clothing. However, Target also recently designed and introduced a line of adaptive clothing for children and adults, which is available both in stores and online. Adaptive clothing is sold by the following online retailers:

  • Silvert’s: This store is known for both consultation and design and adaptive clothing is their specialty. They will work with you to provide solutions for any problem, ranging from mobility issues to scoliosis to incontinence.
  • Izzy Camilleri: This line of clothing is more on the professional and formal side, and is designed for wheelchair users. Their adaptive clothing is described as making “wheelchair users feel amazing.”
  • Adaptations by Adrian: This company manufactures a lot of different accessories and adaptive clothing like swimsuits and boots. You can also find helpful items such as cell phone holders and arm warmers.
  • Able2Wear: Adaptive clothing is their speciality, and this company designs a line for all ages and for all abilities, with both casual and more business/professional selections.

For more information on adaptive clothing, or to find out how products such as wheelchair ramps or stair lifts can increase mobility, contact Williams Lift Co. today. We want to help you and those you care for live their best lives.

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