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Last Updated on January 30, 2024

What Are the Best Types of Wheelchair Ramps?

The best type of wheelchair ramps will depend on your living situation and what can be installed functionally, safely, and legally. If you have multiple entrances, you might need multiple ramps.

Homeowners have many ramp options to choose from. You can choose an extra-durable galvanized steel ramp, a wooden ramp, aluminum ramp, or even lightweight portable ones. Read on to learn about the different types of wheelchair ramps.

4 Types of Wheelchair Ramps

The type of wheelchair ramp you choose should fit the space and your wheelchair type. Also consider the area it’s being installed. Highly wooded areas might result in slippery ramps while areas with sun exposure may cause a reflection from a metal ramp.

Often, people who need wheelchair ramps have difficulty walking and need assistance. The last thing you want is to slip or misstep. Lastly, keep in mind your local and state codes for installation. In New Jersey, for example, you need to maintain a 1:12 slope ratio. Meaning, if you have a 20-inch rise you will need a 20-foot ramp.

Wood Ramps

A wood handicap ramp is an example of a modular ramp. It often has anti-slip materials such as tread-grip aluminum sheeting to prevent any unwanted movements. This is a more simplistic type of wheelchair ramp, but should still be built by a professional as opposed to the homeowner or DIYer. You want to ensure everything is installed correctly and to code.Image of a wheelchair ramp button for an article about what the best wheelchair ramps are.

Galvanized Steel Ramps

Galvanizing is a manufacturing process where a coating of zinc is applied to offer protection from rusting. It’s a popular option because of its durability, strength, and formability and corosion protection. Zinc protects the base metal by acting as a barrier.

Galvanized steel wheelchair ramps are another type of wheelchair ramp for homes. Again, it is a strong option that will last for years. Further, they are fairly easy to maintain and can easily be repaired. It’s great for wet climates because it won’t rust. Lastly, they are easy to walk on without slipping because they’re made of galvanized steel.

Aluminum Ramps

Another popular type of wheelchair ramp is the aluminum wheelchair ramps. Aluminum is incredibly durable and can also last for years. It’s easy to install in almost any residential entryway. You can order a premade ramp or have one custom built.

Similar to the steel ramp, there are treads that help prevent slips while keeping anyone with mobility issues safe and secure as they move.

Portable Ramps

Lastly, the portable ramp is a mobile type of wheelchair ramp. This is a great option for someone on-the-move or who might only need a little help over a threshold. You can set it up on a walkway to a door and put it in your vehicle to bring to another location — like visiting grandchildren, for example.

Portable ramps are made of varying materials like fiberglass, aluminum, and heavy-duty plastic — similar to stationary ramps.

For more information about the best type of wheelchair ramps for your needs, contact Williams Lifts today.