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Last Updated on June 3, 2012


Thanks to mobility aids like handicap ramps and wheelchair lifts, it’s never been easier to move around your home with comfort, convenience, and safety. With so many different mobility aids available, it’s possible to custom fit your home with the products you need for the freedom and independence you want.

Here are a few ways in which mobility aids can make getting around your home much easier:

  • If you live in a multi-story home, then a stairway lift can make it virtually effortless to reach any level of your house. We also recommend placing a non-slip pad beneath the scooter or wheelchair at the bottom and top of the stairs to make the transfer safe and easy.
  • Oftentimes, there is a height difference between the outdoors and the foundation of your home. Place threshold ramps at the base of exterior doorways, sliding glass doors, or any other raised threshold to make entering and exiting your home a breeze.
  • There’s nothing quite like reading a book or watching your favorite television program from the comfort of a stuffed chair, and a chair lift can help you enjoy that feeling. Chair lifts adjust to make sitting and standing comfortable and easy.
  • When outfitting your home with ramps and lifts, don’t forget about the exterior of your home. Depending on the landscaping of your home, you may require permanent handicap ramps as alternatives to stairs.

For more great tips, contact the mobility experts at Williams Lift Company in New Jersey. If there’s one thing we know, it’s how mobility aids such as stairway lifts and handicap ramps can make your life easier. If you have any questions or if you’d simply like to learn more about our products, then dial (908) 322-7070 to speak with a member of our friendly and courteous staff.

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