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Stairlifts give people with mobility issues the ability to travel throughout their home without the aid of another person. It offers independence and autonomy, too. However, it’s not one-size-fits-all, so consider the pros and cons of each option and the staircase where it will be installed before you make any buying decisions.

To define the best stairlifts, Consumer Reports considers the cost, customer satisfaction, and product features. Read on to learn more about stairlifts and compare potential purchases.

Best Stairlifts: Consumer Reports

Stairlifts are a good option for anyone with mobility issues — whether temporary or permanent. You can buy new, used, or even rent them.

According to the CDC, more than one in four people over the age of 65 fall each year, and is the leading cause of injury in older adults. Further, about 60% of falls happen at home and are preventable more often than not.

Different consumer reporting websites share different stats, but here is our synthesis of the best stairlifts of 2023. The best stair lifts of 2023 include Bruno, AmeriGlide, Acorn, Harmar, Access BDD, and Stannah.

Compare Stairlift Models

Not all models are a good fit for your wallet or physical space. Price points vary based on the specific model chosen, so they were not included in the comparison below. What are the top 4 stairlifts for older people?Image of a survey checklist for an article about the Consumer Reports Best Stair Lifts of 2023.

    • Stannah – Available in indoor, outdoor, straight, and curved, almost 2000 reviews rated this an average of 4.8 stars. It’s rated up to 350 lbs., and various warranties are available.
    • Bruno – Available in indoor, outdoor, straight, and curved, over 2000 reviews rated this an average of 4.8 stars. It is rated up to 600 lbs., and offers a limited warranty.
    • Handicare – Available in indoor and outdoor, straight and curved, over 100 reviews rate this at 2.0 stars. It’s rated up to 400 lbs., and offers a 2-year to lifetime warranty.
    • Harmar – Available in indoor, outdoor, straight, and curved, it has about 60 reviews with an inconclusive rating and a variable warranty.

The best stairlifts based on consumer reports are always limited by the number of participants in any survey and the quality of data provided.

Why Install a Stairlift?

>Before you compare stairlifts or determine who makes the best stair lifts, you need to understand your needs. They are essentially motorized seats that travel on a rail securely bolted to the floor and staircase so you can move easily between floors. They typically come with a seat, arm, and footrests, and a safety belt. Some are made for outdoor use, while others are only usable indoors. Determine where you spend most of your time and need most help before choosing a particular style.

The best stairlifts consumer reports comment on the benefits of a seated stairlift versus a standing stairlift. Many have sensors to know if you’re safe to move up and down the stairs and offer backup batteries so you’re not stuck between floors.

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