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Last Updated on April 25, 2014


Assisting someone who is using a wheelchair is a major responsibility, and it should be taken very seriously. Before you start helping a loved one in and out of her wheelchair and wheel her around, watch this video clip to learn the basics of operating a wheelchair.

After providing an overview of the parts of a wheelchair, this video offers tips for helping a person in or out of a chair, wheeling that individual on flat surfaces, up and down steps, in crosswalks, and elsewhere. Your responsibilities include handlingthe wheelchair with care, checking the footrest to ensure that your loved one’s feet are out of harm’s way before you start wheeling, and engaging the brakes when necessary.

Since rolling wheelchairs up and down steps is hazardous and poses a danger to wheelchairs, a stair lift is a great option for homeowners with multi-story homes. If you would like to learn about the first-rate stairway lifts and wheelchair ramps that can be found in New Jersey’s best inventory stairway lifts and wheelchair ramps, call Williams Lift Company at (908) 322-7070.