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Last Updated on November 21, 2012


Incontinence is a widespread issue in our country. In fact, the National Association For Continence reports that almost 25 million Americans have trouble controlling their bladder. Modern incontinence products make it easier and safer to deal with the symptoms of incontinence, even from a wheelchair. Review these items and whether your incontinence pack needs an update.

  • Disposable Washcloths: Incontinence symptoms are quick to show up on a floor or wheelchair seat. Unfortunately, these spills can create dangerous tripping hazards—that’s where disposable dry washcloths come in handy. These special hand-cloths won’t lose strength after getting wet and can be tossed after use. Keep these items close by to remedy spills and resolve incontinence issues quickly.
  • Protective Underpads: Travel has long been a serious issue for sufferers of incontinence. Messy symptoms are especially difficult to deal with discreetly when staying in a guest room or hotel suite. Thankfully, patients can mitigate incontinence accidents with disposable underpads. These waterproof layers are comfortable enough to sleep on and protect blankets from unsightly stains.
  • Portable Moist Wipes: Some incontinence problems cause bigger messes than others. That’s why no incontinence kit is complete without moist towelettes. These hypoallergenic pads are invaluable when incontinence symptoms appear at times when a person is far from a sink or bathroom. A rapid response to incontinence symptoms can help reduce hygienic risks as well.
  • Adult Diapers: High-quality adult diapers are your first defense against visible incontinence issue. Never settle for bargain bin products because they may not provide the same level of protection as a brand-name option. Incontinence kits should carry at least two extra pairs of adult diapers at all times.

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