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Last Updated on May 14, 2019

Image of senior walking with a smartwatch.Smartwatches may be technologically advanced timepieces, but they’re not just for the younger generation. In fact, a smartwatch for seniors actually offers some excellent benefits to help keep them safe. With the right apps, smartwatches for seniors can be used as a heart monitor watch or a fall alert system.

Read on to learn about different types of smartwatches emergency watches for the elderly and how these devices can help keep your parents safe as they age.

Smartwatch Options for Seniors as Medic Alert Devices

Having the right apps is imperative so that the smartwatch for seniors is used correctly. An Apple watch for seniors (known as the iWatch) is a great idea and actually doubles as an Apple watch medical alert device or an Apple watch EKG monitor. However, there is also an app available for the iWatch known as Alert, that can send a notification to contacts when an elderly person has fallen, can’t get up, or is in another situation that requires caregiver help. This is a one-touch operation, which makes this smartwatch for seniors a great idea. It is much easier than trying to locate a phone, searching for contacts, and then dialing contacts. The app can also respond to physiological changes (similarly to an EKG) to alert the person before they are actually in trouble. This allows the senior to call for help before they’re completely immobilized or in pain.

Smartwatch Options for Seniors as GPS or Tracking Devices

There is always the fear of elopement when it comes to an Alzheimer or dementia patient, and the right smartwatch for seniors has GPS tracking in it so that the patient can never truly be lost. A tracker for dementia patients is truly a good idea so the person can never wander too far.

While the Apple iWatch has the “Find my iPhone” feature, it doesn’t have a distinct GPS tracker, so if this suits your needs more than EKG or fall alert, a GPS tracking watch for the elderly may be the better option. Of course, many of the available GPS smartwatch options for seniors also have emergency call features as well. Some notable GPS smartwatches for seniors include:

  • Wonbo – offers one-touch emergency call alert and trackable GPS
  • Synmila – simple and designed for children; offers SOS calls and GPS
  • Tyco GPS – can record routes, offers GPS and SOS calling

Smartwatch Options for Seniors for Medical Alerts

Some smartwatches for seniors function primarily as medical alert systems. Essentially, they’re replacing the old-style analog bracelets or call monitoring systems that were once heavily advertised and used. Everyone remembers, “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.” These types of medical smartwatches can help a senior feel safe, especially one who is aging in place. These are not typically used as a tracking device for the elderly and are mainly for medical purposes.

Some of these include:

  • MobileHelp – This is integrated with AT&T, has fall detection, and offers some GPS tracking for seniors
  • Medical Guardian – Offers fall detection
  • GreatCall Lively – This medical smartwatch offers a fall alarm for the elderly and GPS tracking

Unfortunately, as of 2019, there is no one smartwatch for seniors that “does it all.” However, with a knowledgeable person downloading the right apps, the Apple watch for the elderly is a top product.

To learn more about different technological advances for the elderly and smartwatches for seniors, or to find out more about mobility products that can help, such as stair lifts or wheelchair ramps, contact Williams Lift Co. today. We want seniors and their caregivers to live their best life.

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