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Last Updated on May 9, 2013


Stairways are a lingering safety hazard for people with mobility issues. To rid your home of this risk factor, installing a stairlift can be a smart choice. Known for its attractive design, dependable operation, and high safety standards, the Sterling Stairlift 1000 Series is one of the finest stairlifts available. Read on to learn more.

Stylish Design
Many homeowners need help with mobility, but nonetheless worry that a new stairlift could be an eyesore. Equipped with a modern chair design and a stylish yet understated aluminum track, the Sterling lift is a pleasing addition to any home. With a full selection of over six upholstery colors, you can match your lift to fit any home design scheme. You can even replace the upholstery later if you’d like a new color to complement your interior design.

Efficient Operation
Too many chairlifts operate at a snail’s pace, limiting your timely access to different parts of your home. The Sterling lift was designed with efficiency in mind. A fold-down lift and chair is easy to access, while a remote control allows you to stop and start at your own convenience. The model’s sleek aluminum track gives a smooth, safe ride from start to finish.

Unobtrusive Layout
Far removed from the clunky, obtrusive designs of other chairlifts, the Sterling lift is designed to take up minimal room on your stairway. When folded up at the top or base of your stairs, the model takes up surprisingly little space. Its aluminum tracks comes with an available hinged track that can be folded up to prevent obstruction to high traffic areas doorways at the base of your stairs. The track can either be raised manually or automatically with an available remote control option.

At Williams Lift Company of Fanwood, we sell, rent, and install a full range of stairway lifts, including the premium Sterling Stairlift 1000 Series. To take advantage of our $100 discount on new stairlifts, call us today at 908-322-7070.

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