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Last Updated on June 8, 2021

A power lift recliner usually looks no different than a regular recliner. However, it comes with special mobility features that can help the person using it immensely. While “regular” recliners may come in different sizes, power lift chair sizes specifically vary to help the person using them feel as comfortable as possible. For instance, you’ll find power lift recliners for big and tall sizes and small lift chair recliners for more petite frames. 

Image of a recliner for an article about choosing the correct size power recliner for seniors.

However, to size your chair properly, you should learn a little more about power lift chair sizes and other features to ensure you’re choosing the right model for you or your loved one. 

Power Lift Chair Sizes: What Do the Different Sizes Mean? 

It can be hard to just look at a specific power lift chair size, such as “plus-size lift chairs,” and know if that’s the right size for you or your loved one. Of course, small lift recliners for the elderly are available, too, as power lift recliners come in all shapes and sizes. Generally speaking, sizing is below, although do keep in mind that every person is different, so it’s always best to see if you can fit the chair before purchasing. Also, keep in mind this is just a general guide. If you need a wider chair or one with a larger weight capacity, those types of chairs are available.

  • Petite/Small sizes: For frames around 5’4” and under
  • Medium sizes: For frames between 5’4” and 5’10”
  • Large sizes: For frames between 5’10” and 6’2”
  • Tall sizes: For frames 6’2” or above 

There are also small lift chairs, medium, and large wide and extra-wide lift chairs designed for larger frames and/or can hold up to 500 lb. capacities. There are also lift chairs for big and tall—this would be a tall size with a wider frame. 

Power Lift Chair Sizes: Reclining Options

Another thing to consider when looking at power recliners is how many reclining positions there are in the chair. This has more to do with a person’s mobility than their size. A person with greater mobility likely only needs two reclining positions, which means the chair can recline back to a 45-degree angle.

However, a person who has less mobility and needs more help getting up may feel more comfortable in a recliner with three positions.

Different reclining features are available in all sizes—there are small lift assist chairs and medium, large, wide, and extra capacity. 

Power Lift Chair Sizes: Other Features to Consider

Once you have your power lift chair sizes figured out and decided between large, medium, or small lift chairs for the elderly, there are more features to consider beyond power lift chair sizes and reclining positions. It matters if the person using it is right- or left-handed or has limited mobility in one hand over another due to a stroke or other medical condition. If you are left-handed or need to use your left hand to access the controls, you must ask to have the controls mounted on the left side of the chair. Also, you can customize the fabric to your taste and current decor. You can also, in many cases, have heat and massage features added to the chair for extra comfort. 

To learn more about the power lift chair sizes or about other mobility products that could be life-changing, such as wheelchair ramps or stair lifts, contact us today at Williams Lift Co. We want both caregivers and their loved ones to live their best lives.