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Last Updated on August 20, 2019

Image of two elderly people for an article about national healthy aging month.Since September is National Healthy Aging Month it’s a good time for tips on staying healthy, especially when it comes to aging in place or anywhere else. Health awareness is an extremely important factor as you age, and National Healthy Aging Month serves as a reminder to help look at your lifestyle, habits, and choices, and where changes can be made to improve your quality of life.

Read on to learn more about National Healthy Aging Month 2019 for things you can do to promote better health, and how to have a happier, more relaxed lifestyle as you age.

National Healthy Aging Month in 2019

Every September, National Healthy Aging Month serves as an observance and as a reminder that it is possible to maintain health, even as you age. Your lifestyle choices and how you go about living your life has a lot to do with both physical and mental health. As you age, it’s easy to fall into patterns of depression or loneliness, which can undoubtedly impact your physical health.

Some of the healthy aging tips and tricks may seem like an old hat or common sense, but sometimes a friendly reminder is all you need to get up, get out of the house, and get social.

Tips and Reminders for Healthy Aging Month

When it comes to healthy aging month, one of the top tips is to beat boredom or routine (without, of course, being too risky). The same humdrum routine can take a toll day after day, and researchers advise changing it up to promote health. This can include some of the simplest things, such as:

  • Adding spices and herbs to foods (providing your diet can handle it)
  • Go for a hike
  • Try yoga or tai chi
  • Make lists of things you want to do – and follow them
  • Avoid toxic people and relationships

Health-Related Advice for Healthy Aging Month

In addition to some of the more common-sense advice above, you can also go about celebrating healthy aging month by being more in tune with your health. If you’re late for any testing, such as your colonoscopy, mammogram, or another important test, it’s time to schedule. One of the best ways to provide yourself with peace of mind is getting the testing done so you can breathe easy, or getting early intervention if the results are positive.

Experts also recommend joining social groups or clubs and maintaining friendships. Everyone needs social interaction, especially as you age. Healthy aging month focuses on forming healthy friendships, which promote good mental health. 

Other tips include:

  • reviewing your medication list (including all over-the-counter medications) with your doctor every few months
  • getting plenty of rest
  • changing up your diet to feel less sluggish (under the guidance of your doctor). 

Let this month serve as a reminder that you’re in control when it comes to your health, and you can improve your quality of life by following a few pieces of advice. 

For more information about National Healthy Aging Month, or to hear about mobility products that can also aid in quality of life, such as stair lifts or wheelchair ramps, contact Williams Lift Co. today. It is time you and your caregivers live the best life possible.

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