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Last Updated on September 15, 2018

mobility walking aidsIt seems that part of getting older means that you have to rely on mobility walking aids to get around. With so many options, however, what would be the best for your senior mobility? There’s so many factors to consider ranging from weather patterns to storage space. We are here to take a deeper look at all of the usual walking aids for elderly people to ensure that you make the right decision for you or your loved ones.


Canes are among the first mobility walking aids that seniors use when getting around. They come in all shapes, sizes and materials to fit each person’s lifestyle. Many have been updated with the ability to collapse down to a smaller size, making it easier to place in a purse or bag if need be. It also improved itself as a mobility walking aid by adding three points of connection on the ground, meaning that it is less likely to slip away from you when walking on wet, uneven or icy terrain. While the three point connection end is not standard to all models of canes on the market, the cane remains a great standard for mobility walking aids.


Another of the first mobility walking aids that comes to mind is the roller walker. While it has been thought of as a sign of getting older, today’s models are versatile and easy to use. The standard for today means that they come with basket and a seat, designed for the modern era. If there is a need to have this instead of a cane, the current designs are made to encourage senior mobility and safety while walking. The adjustments are quick and easy to make. While we have talked about the measures needed to ensure safety, elderly walkers with seats remain one of the best senior mobility aids.


Motorized scooters have been a great addition to mobility aids when you need to go over long distances while running errands or joining your family on vacation. They are easy to rent in the store or in the theme park, already charged and ready to go for the user with a need for mobility walking aids. They also have a basket for you to place your items in and thus creating less worry when traveling out and about. Purchasing your own can mean changes in the home, including adding a ramp if your home is not already accessible by scooter or wheelchair. Williams Lift is able to create these accommodations necessary without disrupting your home or life.

Mobility Walking Aids: In Conclusion

Mobility walking aids are one of the best ways to maintain independence and safety as a senior. There are many options out there and we have discussed the three most common options for you and your loved ones to look over. With any major mobility change, Williams Lift is there to help adjust your home to the new lifestyle changes, whether they are temporary or permanent. Contact us today.

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