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Last Updated on December 29, 2012


At Williams Lift Company, we firmly believe that no one should have to live with immobility. If the stairway lift you depend on in your home is acting up, it may be time to give us a call. Don’t go one more day without your Bruno or Sterling stair lift working at its best; instead, see what our pros can do for you:

  • Restore Your Ability to Enjoy Warm Summer Nights: Both the Bruno Electra-ride Elite Outdoor as well as the Sterling Brand Outdoor Stair Lift allow users to enjoy the comfort of their patio, lakeside dock, or other pleasant out door space. Our professionals can determine any malfunctions due to weather or just a mechanical breakdown and restore them back to new again quickly.
  • Increase Your Safety: Styles offered by both brands offer users unique features such as a swivel seat for easier exiting and safety sensors that stop the chair if an obstruction is detected. When the chair is on the fritz, these features may short out and compromise your safety. Our professionals will fix these problems and leave you feeling secure once more.
  • Install Optional Features At the Same Time: While your stair lift is being looked at by our professional servicemen and women, we can also take that time as an opportunity to install add-on options like larger footrests or a power folding footrest. You can discuss your options with your Williams Lift Company representative.
  •  Make a House Your Home Again: Enjoying your home is impossible if you can’t access every part of it. If you’ve been avoiding your stair lift because of safety concerns or because it isn’t working, call us and we can help you re-gain your mobility and your freedom.

Why should you go with Williams Lift Company? With 65 years of experience in helping New Jersey residents live a safe, enjoyable, and mobile life, it’s no surprise our customers are so satisfied. If you’re interested in other stair lift products or our services, visit us in Fanwood or call us today at 908-322-7070.

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