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Last Updated on September 6, 2013


If you have had a leg amputated, you may need to use a walker to move around as you wait for a prosthetic. To avoid further injury while using your walker, you will need to learn how to safely stand up and move around with this new mobility device. Developing these techniques early will help you feel more comfortable using your stomach, thighs, and arm muscles to get around.

To stand up, first you need to place the walker in front of you with your body centered in its frame. Next, bend forward at your hips and rest your hands on the armrest of your chair. Keep your amputated leg slightly forward as you use the muscles throughout your stomach, thighs, and arms to lift yourself upright. When you begin walking, keep your body centered in the walker frame with your weight evenly balanced between your hands and leg. This will help you push the walker ahead and gently move your leg forward.

Williams Lift Company can help you understand how to use your new mobility device. To learn about our chair lifts, wheelchair lifts, and handicap ramps, call (908) 322-7070.

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