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Last Updated on April 11, 2016

home-lifts-curvedWhy a home stair lift? Stair lifts are the easiest and least expensive way to go up and down stairs when they have become an obstacle in your home. Having been in the accessibility industry for generations, the staff at Willams Lifts have heard hundreds of stories from people with temporary health conditions restricting their movement.

We’ve heard from people struggling to reach the second level of their home with crutches or canes, as well as aging parents literally crawling up the stairs to reach the bathroom. Conversely, we’ve also heard the stories from hundreds of happy customers who have used stair lifts to move around their homes with more freedom.

People literally weep with joy after taking the first ride on their new stair lift, realizing what an improvement it’s going to make to their lifestyle. We’ve helped people access levels of their home that they haven’t reached in years.

What is a Home Stair Lift?

To make sure we’re on the same page, let’s define what a stair lift is. Put simply, it is a chair that goes up and down a stairwell with the help of a motorized rail. We prefer to use the term stair lift, but you may also hear of them being referred to “stair chairs, stair glides, chair for stairs” and other variations. All refer to the same piece of equipment.

A stair lift is needed whenever an individual needs assistance moving up and down stairs — whether it’s due to a temporary injury, or to assist an aging family member. We find the greatest hesitation that comes with buying a stair lift is admitting that one is needed. It’s only natural to deny you need assistance to do something you’ve been able to freely accomplish throughout most of your life.

Here are some other questions to ask yourself if you’re asking why you should get a stair lift:

  • Are you filled with anxiety at the thought of walking up and down your stairs?
  • Have you been advised by your doctor to avoid stairs due to medical conditions, such as a stroke, heart condition, severe arthritis, or prescribed medications?
  • Do you have mobility issues that may make it unsafe to climb stairs? Such as issues with balance, joint pain, weakness of leg muscles, etc.
  • Have you avoided and/or stopped using parts of your home because you want to reduce the need for stairs?

If you can answer “Yes” to the above questions, then it may be time to get a home stair lift before risking any serious falls or accidents.

Are you still asking yourself “why a home stair lift?” We believe the more appropriate question would be “why not?” It is, without question, the most economical way to stay in your home and retain independence when certain levels of your home have become challenging to access.

Don’t let your quality of life be determined by stairs. Look into the various types of stair lifts we offer, and come by our showroom any time to see one of the models for yourself.

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