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Last Updated on October 25, 2022

Halloween and autumn are full of fun for kids—apple picking, train rides, trick-or-treating, and more. If you’re headed to a trunk-or-treat or you’re taking the kids out door-to-door trick-or-treating, finding the right costume is always paramount. However, costumes for children in wheelchairs can sometimes be tough to find. 

There are many wheelchair costumes for kids that are relatively simple to DIY, but not everyone has the time or the patience for that. Luckily, in recent years, there is more and more adaptive clothing for children, and this includes Halloween costumes for kids with special needs

Read on to learn more about Halloween costumes for children in wheelchairs you can buy as well as make.

Costumes for Kids with Disabilities

Children, as expected, have a wide range of interests, but there is always a character or game they’re into at the moment, so you may not know where to look for adaptive Halloween costumes for kids. Both Target and Party City carry a broad selection of Halloween costumes for children in wheelchairs. 

Some ideas you can buy from the store include:

  • Steam train. This costume is perfect for the child who loves trains and train rides. This comes with two side panels, zip ties, and hook-and-loop closures to keep it secure. 
  • Princess carriage. Turn your child’s wheelchair into a Cinderella-like carriage. This also comes with two side panels, two wheel pieces, zip ties, and hook-and-loop closures. 
  • Pirate ship. This is a fun wheelchair costume for kids of any age. This comes with hook-and-loop closures, zip ties, and two side panels. 
  • Flying witch. Not only is this costume adaptive, but its materials are also comfortable for those with sensory issues. This comes with hook-and-loop fasteners, two wheel covers, two chair side covers, and a hat. 

There are also many other ideas, such as a mermaid, dragon, rocket ship, and rainbow that are available as wheelchair costumes for kids. Just be careful when shopping, however—many of these items apply only to the wheelchair, and you’ll need a separate costume for your child. For example, if you choose “pirate ship,” you’ll likely want to shop for pirate accessories or a physical costume.

Halloween Costumes for Children in Wheelchairs: DIY Ideas

If you’re crafty or love building things from scratch, there is a wealth of DIY ideas for wheelchair Halloween costume ideas. Depending on a person’s tastes, many of these would work for adults as well—parents like to get in on the fun, too! 

Here are some DIY ideas for wheelchair costumes for kids:

  • Minecraft. Since everyone is cube-shaped, this can be an easy DIY project. Simply measure and cut out pieces of colored cardboard, or you can use construction paper to cover the cardboard. Work with a Minecraft photo to finish off the project, seeing where all of the accents are supposed to be. You can also buy a separate Minecraft mask for your child for the full effect. 
  • Construction worker. This project can be done with heavy cardboard. Cover the wheels with yellow cardboard, and add a little roof above the wheelchair so it resembles a backhoe. For the scoop part, use a long cardboard tube to attach a scoop (that you’ve made) to the end of it. Punching holes in the cardboard tube should make it simple to attach to the front of the wheelchair. Buy a construction hat to complete the look.
  • Oscar the Grouch. While you’ll have to buy a separate Oscar costume, the trashcan portion is simple to make. Just cut out cardboard and turn it into a circle, clasping it tightly. You can then paint it or cover it with a grey liner to resemble a trashcan. You can choose to go with or without the lid.
  • The Mystery Machine. With a little artistic talent, you can make cardboard sides and top for the Mystery Machine from Scooby-Doo, and paint it so it looks just like the TV show. This is great as a wheelchair costume for kids, but can also be great for the whole family, as other members can dress up as Shaggy, Velma, and of course, Scooby himself. Image of pumpkins for an article about wheelchair costume ideas for children.

Keep in mind that many of the Halloween costumes for children in wheelchairs that you can buy can also be made. You can DIY the Cinderella carriage, steam train, and more just by measuring the wheelchair and cutting out the appropriate cardboard pieces to fit it. If you do go DIY, just make sure your child has enough room to operate the wheelchair or use it on a ramp

To learn more about Halloween costumes for children in wheelchairs or about mobility products, such as wheelchair ramps and stair lifts, that can be life-changing, contact Williams Lift Co. today. We want both caregivers and their children and loved ones to live their best lives.