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Last Updated on November 5, 2019

As the holidays near, there’s no better time than the present to think about gifts. If you’re an early planner, you may even be doing some holiday shopping during the fall. Gift ideas for wheelchair users or gifts for homebound seniors may not come to you right away; in fact, you might be confused about what a person might like. 

Below, find a list of gifts for wheelchair users, gifts for the physically disabled, and also gifts for a lonely elderly or homebound person.

Gift Ideas for People in Wheelchairs

Those confined to wheelchairs can be people of all ages—children, teenagers, and adults. As such, there are wildly different ideas when it comes to gifts. Some top ideas include:

  • Wheelchair lights. Similar to lights that you’d find on a bike or motorcycle, having lights on a wheelchair can make it look sharp and jazzy. Not only that, they can provide a useful purpose for navigating around at night, making this a helpful gift when it comes to presents for a wheelchair user.
  • Walking poles. Walking poles are meant for exercising the arms for someone in a manual wheelchair. This is an excellent workout for the great outdoors, working out the upper body with a sit-ski motion.
  • Amazon Alexa or Google Home. These assistants allow you to do everything from making shopping lists to turning off lights and appliances, making them one of the best gift ideas for people in wheelchairs or one of the top tech gifts for seniors.
  • Xbox adaptive controllers. These are great for the gamer who has limited hand movement, allowing them to enjoy video games even from their wheelchair completely.

Gift Ideas for People in Wheelchairs: Gifts for the Physically Disabled

Not everyone who is physically disabled is in a wheelchair; however, many are. Below is a list of gifts that may work well for someone in a wheelchair, or someone who has a physical disability. 

  • AAC applications. For those who can’t talk or communicate well, Speak for Yourself or Angie AAC devices, in addition to others, are great gifts to help someone improve their communication skills.
  • Tremor-canceling silverware. This is a good gift idea for people in wheelchairs as well as those who suffer from a condition such as Parkinson’s disease or other similar condition. This silverware helps make it easier to eat for those who experience hand tremors using technology known as Active Cancellation of Tremor (ACT).
  • Vehicle hand controls. For those who have a physical disability but are able to drive, hand controls for the vehicle can make driving much more seamless and enjoyable. In-home modifications also work well to help keep those who are physically disabled and those who are elderly safe.

Gift Ideas for Homebound Seniors

You may have a person (or patient) in your life who is elderly and spends a lot of time at home. This is a different category, where gift ideas for someone in a wheelchair may not work. Below, find some good ideas for this special person:

  • Fall-detecting rugs. For the senior who lives at home along with those aging in place, these rugs use technology that can detect when someone falls, urging help to arrive quickly.
  • Subtitle spectacles. There are now special glasses that allow people to see subtitles easier. For those who are either hard-of-hearing or have low vision, this can be a real help.
  • Wound-detecting pants. Similar to the rugs, these pants can detect when someone is hurt or bleeding and will instantly call for help. 
  • Freestanding walking sticks. Help your friend or family member get outdoors more with the use of these ergonomic walking sticks.

These are just a few of the ideas when it comes to gift ideas for people in wheelchairs and gifts for homebound senior— there are many more. There is an exceptional amount of gift ideas for those who are paralyzed, such as computer mice that are mouth-controlled, or assistance for the blind, such as smartphone covers that help you navigate.

To learn more about gift ideas for people in wheelchairs, or to hear about mobility products that could be life-changing, such as wheelchair ramps or stairlifts, contact Williams Lift Co. today. Both caregivers and patients to live their best lives.

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