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Last Updated on February 8, 2012

If you’re starting to experience mobility problems, a stair lift may be a practical solution to going up and down the stairs. Rather than moving into a new one-story home, a stair lift provides a reliable way to maintain your freedom and independence.

Stair lifts can be designed to accommodate different home designs—with models that tailor to straight, curved, or steep staircases alike—making life easier for all of those with difficulty climbing stairs.

Here are five signs that you could benefit from a Stairlift:

     1.     Difficulty Climbing Stairs: This is a sure sign that you should     consider installing a stairlift. If you’re experiencing joint pain or are afraid of the long trek up the stairs, it may be time to do some research to learn of an effective solution to the difficulty stairways pose in your life.

     2.     Impaired Mobility: If you or someone you live with uses a wheelchair, scooter, or walker, you may need to install a stair lift to allow them to enjoy access to all parts of the house.

     3.     Back Pain: Climbing stairs can cause or exacerbate back pain. If you suffer from a nagging back, you should consider installing a stair lift to avoid any unnecessary stress on it.

     4.     Injury: Many users have decided to install a stair lift after an injury. If you’ve recently experienced an injury—maybe causing weak knees or achy joints—then a stair lift can help alleviate some of the problems.

     5.     Safety: With a stair lift, you will no longer have to worry about falling down the stairs. Many users who want greater safety install a stair lift as a reliable way to move up and down the stairs.

If you think you need a stair lift, Williams Lift Company has information on different types of stair lifts and other home accessibility products. View all our products at our website and learn more about how we can make your home more accessible and safer for you.

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