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Last Updated on March 9, 2013


When you are planning to add a wheelchair ramp to your home or business, it’s important to remember that not all ramps are the same. These mobility devices can be specialized to meet your usage needs in a number of ways. Whether you need a ramp for heavy or light use, there is a wheelchair ramp that is right for you.

  • Weight and Construction

Calculating the weight requirements your ramp must endure may also help you decide which material should be used. You should also consider how much the ramp itself will weigh, especially if you plan to move it from place to place. A lightweight ramp made from aluminum is much more portable than a heavy wooden wheelchair ramp. You may want to match your ramp to the construction of your home or office, so ask to see all the possible materials and finishes to help you decide.

  • Size

The size of your ramp will be determined not only by the width of the traffic it must accommodate, but also by the width of the stairs or doorways where it will be installed. Many doors are built to a standard width, but you should measure exactly where your ramp will go to avoid costly mistakes—particularly if you need a ramp that can be moved. Measure every location that your ramp will need to fit so you can ensure that it is not too large or too small to safely affix.

  • Cost

Your budget may also determine the ramp you ultimately choose. Talk to your provider about your options and your needs to ensure you can find a ramp that does the job you need at a price you can afford. Especially if you need your ramp to bear heavy loads or cover a large area, ask how you can cut costs in other aspects of your ramp, such as the material from which it is constructed.

For advice and a wide selection of wheelchair and stair ramps, visit the Williams Lift Company of New Jersey. We are here to help you choose a ramp with both form and function to meet your budget. To contact us directly, call 908-322-7070 or click on our website today.

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