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Last Updated on October 1, 2023


Injury can sometimes really take a toll on getting around, especially if you’re elderly or already have a disability. Whether the injury is permanent or temporary, there are many mobility aids out there to help you, your patient, or loved one regain mobility and in turn, regain their comfort and confidence.

Read on to learn about the different types of mobility aids for the elderly and disabled, as well as their features and benefits.

Mobility Aids for the Elderly: What Are the Different Types of Mobility Aids?

To learn if a mobility aid may be the right choice for you or for a loved one, it’s a good idea to learn a little bit about the different mobility aids. Of course, many different aids center around walking or moving around, so there are many mobility devices for walking, such as mobility scooters, wheelchairs, and other walking assistance devices for the elderly. In addition to these, there are also stairlifts and vehicle lifts.

Types of Mobility Aids: Stairlifts

If you find that your mobility is steadily decreasing, the stairs can be an especially difficult challenge. Fortunately, a good quality stairlift can safely take you up and down the stairs whenever you need to. There are numerous models of stairlifts available; some operate on straight stairways, others on curved stairways.

Mobility Aids for the Elderly and Disabled: Wheelchairs

When most people lose the ability to walk, they invest in a type of mobility aid known as a wheelchair. Whether you are planning on moving it yourself or having caregivers push you around, there are several different kinds of wheelchairs to accommodate your needs. There are even a few wheelchairs that weigh less than 20 pounds that are easily folded for easy transportation. Many patients use electric or motorized wheelchairs, but manual wheelchairs are still widely available too. There are also wheelchairs for swimming in the ocean, and for participating in other sports. Installing a wheelchair ramp at your home can also help increase mobility.

Types of Mobility Aids: Walkers

Walkers are one of the most common mobility aids. If you can still walk but are a little unsure, you’ll find that a high-quality walker can fit your needs just fine. There are several walkers out there that have brakes, can be folded easily, and come with seats on which you can rest. Some walker seats even have a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds. Walkers are a great idea because they are useful, but can be easily compact and therefore easy to travel with.

Mobility Aids for the Elderly and Disabled: Vehicle Lifts

Just because you are injured or immobilized doesn’t mean you cannot still get out of the house and drive on your own, or be a passenger in a car. There are aids to help you get out of the house. A vehicle lift can be installed inside your van or on the back of your vehicle and will transport your motorized scooter from place to place. With a good vehicle lift, you can go virtually anywhere.

To learn more about these different types of mobility aids for the elderly and disabled, and how mobility devices can help improve the quality of your life, contact us at Williams Lift Co. today to find out more. We want both caregivers and their loved ones to live their best lives possible.

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