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Last Updated on April 28, 2021

Since stairlifts plug into the wall, one of the most common questions before and during installation is, “can you use a stairlift during a power outage?” 

Image of a power outlet for an article about using a stairlift during a power outage.When you think about high winds or inclement weather, you may think of power outages that can last for quite some time, so this is a very important question. 

Read on to learn why you can use a stairlift during a power outage, and you shouldn’t worry about power outages and stairlifts.

Can You Use a stairlift During a Power Outage: Are stairlifts Battery Powered?

All models of chair lifts and stairlifts come with a battery for the chair lift, so if something causes your power to go out, your stairlift with no power will run just fine. Stairlift repairs are recommended to prevent any issues not related to power outages.

You may wonder how chair lift batteries will work, considering that your unit runs on electricity for the rest of the time.

Also, most stairlifts come with remote controls at the bottom and top of the stairs, so if you want to use your stairlift but it is on the wrong floor, you can call it down to you using the batteries. 

The important thing to remember is to turn the stairlift off after every use to save the batteries until the power comes back. So the answer to, “can you use a stairlift during a power outage?”, is yes. It is important to keep in mind, however, that the batteries won’t last forever if the power is out. A lot depends upon how old the batteries are and how much charge the batteries have when you lose power. It’s a good rule of thumb to ensure your batteries are fully charged for emergencies. 

Again, ensure you keep up with regularly scheduled maintenance to prevent any issues and perform any repairs. The last thing you want to happen is have a broken stair lift while also in a power outage.

Can You Use a stairlift During a Power Outage: And Other Myths)?

People often also ask, “Can you use a stairlift in a fire?,” and the answer is, “you really should not.” However, if it is your only option and it would be a faster option than trying to walk the stairs, the lift should be used.

It is important to note that the stairlift does not take up the entire staircase so if fire and rescue is coming in, they will be able to get up the stairs. It is a myth that stairlifts take up the entire staircase and are not made for narrow staircases. 

Some models work well with curved or “crooked” staircases, so whatever type of staircase you have, a stairlift can work with it. People have also gone beyond asking, “can you use a stairlift during a power outage,” and have asked, “what happens if I am using the stairlift when the power cuts out?” Most stairlifts will immediately roll over to their battery backups, and you will not be stranded in the middle of the staircase.

If you have more questions like, “can you use a stairlift during a power outage,” or are interested in stairlifts or stairlift repairs, contact Williams Lift Co today. We want both caregivers and their loved ones to live their best lives possible.