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Last Updated on November 19, 2020

Often situations arise where someone’s disability or illness is temporary, and they are faced with mobility problems, especially when entering their home. If you’re Image of a door-opening button for an article about renting portable wheelchair a wheelchair for a short period of time getting around and being mobile inside your home is an issue. Going outside and then returning to your home can become a stressor. 

For these challenges, rental ramps for the disabled become an optimal choice. This way, mobility becomes much easier and the problem is solved, but you haven’t decided on a permanent, costly solution by buying an item you don’t need. 

Read on to learn more about handicap ramp rental and if it may be a good choice for your situation.

Portable Wheelchair Ramp Rental: Why Rent?

Wheelchair ramp rental is a good option in many different situations, and you may be wondering if it’s a good choice for you. Consider portable wheelchair ramp rental if:

  • The disability is short-term or if the length of the illness is unknown. If there’s a strong possibility of recovery, but the time frame is unknown, rental may be more cost-effective. 
  • Low monthly payments make more sense for your financial situation instead of buying a wheelchair ramp outright. 
  • You have guests or long-term visitors coming to your home who use a wheelchair and will need wheelchair access.
  • Someone at your home has a terminal illness and is receiving hospice care.

It’s a good idea to weigh the costs, depending on your situation, to see if a rental may be a better choice as opposed to a permanent fixture.

Portable Wheelchair Ramp Rental: Benefits of Choosing a Ramp Rental

In addition to being portable and cost-effective for many, there are benefits to using temporary wheelchair ramp rental. Some of the benefits include:

  • Portable wheelchair ramp rentals are not just for access to and from your home. They can be used for travel, to gain access in and out of your vehicle, and for other uses. Depending on the type you get, their portability can be taken on trips and for travel.
  • Rental ramps can be used on either side of the doorway and can withstand the elements.
  • Depending on the type, some have telescope mechanisms, so you can fold some parts into each other and the ramp can be used in tighter doorways and spaces (such as for travel). 

One major drawback, however, of rental ramps, is that they can be tough to maneuver and carry when you pack them for travel. However, you can keep this in mind as you choose your rental, and opt for one with better quality.

Portable Wheelchair Ramp Rental: Features to Look For

If you’ve begun to look for where to rent a wheelchair ramp, it’s wise to know what features to look for before you search for “wheelchair ramp rental near me.” 

Even though portable wheelchair ramp rental is temporary, features matter, particularly when it comes to safety. Non-skid surfaces are important when it comes to rental ramps. This should be a rubber coating or raised buttons or strips to prevent the ramp from moving. 

Safety edges and curbs are also vital to any portable wheelchair ramp rental, as they keep the ramp from moving off the incline. Weight capacity is also important. Your ramp should be able to hold between 800 and 900 lbs., which may sound heafty, but it should be able to hold the person and the wheelchair or scooter. Also, if a ramp is to be used outdoors, it must have drainage holes.

To find out more about portable wheelchair ramp rentals, and how to get an estimate, contact us at Williams Lift Co. today. In addition to wheelchair ramp rental, we have other mobility products that are dedicated to making life easier for both our patients and their caregivers.