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Last Updated on September 3, 2019

Whether being a caregiver is your profession or you’re providing services to a friend or family member, having the proper tools to Image of smartphones and tablets for an article about the best apps for caregivers.take care of your patients or loved ones is a must. A caretaker app may include everything from a caretaker calendar to other helpful attributes such as medication lists. You may also find apps for dementia caregivers quite useful. Read on to learn more about the best caregiver apps of 2018 and 2019, and which ones may be helpful to aid you in caring for your loved one.

Best Caregiver Apps: Health and Pharmacy

Organizing your loved one’s medications or knowing everything about their health and health needs can be quite overwhelming. There are a few caregiver apps that can help you with this, such as:

  • Pharmacy Pro. It costs $0.99, and it’s compatible with Android and iOS. It’s great for entering any medication—even over-the-counter types—to make sure there’s no reaction with what your patient is presently taking. 
  • Elder 411. This is incredibly helpful if you’re trying to make a home more safe for someone who is elderly or who has mobility issues. It is one of the best apps for caregivers because it also features a section of self-care.

Best Caregiver Apps: For the Dementia Patient

If you are taking care of a patient who is struggling with dementia, you may want a senior check-in app so they can check in with you when they’re on the go. This and some other helpful apps include:

  • Alzheimer’s Caregiver Buddy. This app is for a caregiver who is specifically treating a patient with Alzheimer’s or dementia. It can put you in touch with others who can help you personally 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to help you manage stress, but to also help you manage your patient better when there’s an issue.
  • Elder Check Now. This is an elder check-in app that allows the person you’re caring for to check in regularly, so they have some sense of freedom but also are monitored. 
  • AARP Caregiving app. Another great caregiver app, this is similar to the Alzheimer’s buddy app. It is for any caregiver who may be struggling while taking care of an elderly patient. It app offers you—the caregiver—support, as many other fundamentals and resources if you want to help your patient.

Other Best Caregiver Apps

Other caregiver apps that can help you manage your daily activities, or help you update others when you’re having a tough time. For example, CaringBridge is a good way to let friends and family know easily and quickly about the condition of a loved one or patient. You can also post links to GoFundMe URLs or other links through the app, should you need extra help. is another app that helps you find fill-in help if you simply need a break. helps you find any sitter—not just a babysitter. If you just need relief for an hour or two and need to use someone accredited you can trust, this is a go-to caregiver app.

The Care Zone app is also a useful idea for caregivers to manage their calendar, as well as their loved one’s appointment and medical information, all in one place. It’s also incredibly handy to carry to the doctor’s office with you. Being a caregiver is tough enough, so why not use an app to help stay organized?

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