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Last Updated on December 1, 2017

affordable wheelchair rampGetting the equipment you need to regain your mobility shouldn’t have to be a burden on your wallet.

There are a number of options available for acquiring an affordable wheelchair ramp, and we will go over them for you in this article.

If you need help paying for a wheelchair ramp, we’re confident you’re about to find the help you need.

Options for Getting an Affordable Wheelchair Ramp

Rent a Ramp
Without a doubt, the most affordable option for getting a wheelchair ramp today is to rent one.

For a low monthly fee you can rent a ramp month-to-month with no commitments. Rent it when you need it, and return it when you don’t.

When customers are looking for the most affordable wheelchair ramp because they only need it for a short time, we always recommend renting as the best option.

Such situations may include a temporary injury, or accommodating family and loved ones when they come to visit.

Used Ramps
Another option for getting an affordable wheelchair ramp is to consider buying a used model. Inquire about used equipment when contacting a dealer, because it is usually sold at a considerable discount.

We recommend doing your homework and only buying used equipment from the most reputable dealers. Ideally they should be able to offer some kind of guarantee or warranty on used equipment.

Other than signs of wear, well-built wheelchair ramps are just as good an option to buy used as they are new. When affordability is concerned, there’s nothing wrong with shopping for used equipment.

Often it’s possible to get help paying for a wheelchair ramp in the form of funding.

Medicaid is known to help with paying for a wheelchair ramp so long as it’s necessary to keep a senior living safely in their home. Please note that Williams Lifts does not accept payments through Medicaid, but it is still an option worth looking into.

What if you need help paying for a wheelchair ramp – but you’re not a senior, and the equipment hasn’t been prescribed? There’s still one more option you may qualify for.

Those who have served time in the military may be able to get funding from the Veterans Administration.

The Veterans Administration has funding options available whether or not your disability is a direct result of military service.

Another option is to seek funding through the Office of Aging. There are offices all around the country, so you’ll have to contact the office nearest you for further details.

For more information about all of the options listed above, please see our page on funding for wheelchair ramps and stair lifts.


At Williams Lifts we are committed to helping individuals get the equipment they need.

Whether it’s helping you get an affordable wheelchair ramp from our fleet of used and rental equipment, or helping you acquire the correct funding, we’re here for all your mobility solutions.

For more information about how we can be of service to you, please request a free brochure.

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