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Last Updated on May 28, 2013


Here at Williams Lift Company, we know everyone needs a ramp for a different reason. That’s why we offer a number of top-quality ramp products from E-Z Access to solve as many mobility issues as possible. Read on to learn about four of the ramps we offer:

  • Modular Threshold Ramps

The thresholds in entryways have long been a hazard for seniors and the people with disabilities. Our threshold ramps are the perfect solution for gaining entry to a building without worrying about tripping and falling. They are made of durable, skid-resistant aluminum and are well suited for use with wheelchairs, canes, and walkers.

  • TRIFOLD Advantage Series Ramp

Wheelchair and scooter users alike will enjoy the convenience offered by this cleverly designed ramp. Each one contains a unique three-fold design with ergonomic handles for easy transportation. Once they are unfolded and set up, they allow for fast, easy access to raised landings and vehicles. From a safety standpoint, TRIFOLD ramps also include reflective safety strips, an applied skid-resistant surface, and self-adjusting transition plates to help you mount the ramp easier.

  • PATHWAY Classic Series Ramp

This ramp is designed for maximum safety, reliability, and ease-of-use. Its no slip-aluminum design makes it ideal for use in virtually any weather condition. Due to its portability, this ramp is ideal in homes where mobility needs may change.

  • Modular Ramp System

This standing walkway comes complete with handrails and platforms for easy access and use, and all parts of the system come pre-assembled and can be quickly installed. As opposed to some of the bulkier ramps available, E-Z Access ramps have a sleek and modern look and feel, making them work in just about any setting.

Williams Lift Company of Fanwood is dedicated to improving home mobility through the use of quality lifts, glides, ramps, and elevators. We have been servicing residents of Plainfield and beyond for over 65 years. Call us at 908-322-7070 today to learn more about what we have to offer.

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