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Last Updated on August 24, 2013


Walkers are great aids for helping people with osteoarthritis protect their joints as they move around. However, in order for someone to benefit from using a mobility aid, he or she must use it properly to achieve stability and balance. The key to knowing if you’re using your walker correctly is feeling comfortable as you use it to support yourself while standing and walking.
Starting at the right height
There are a variety of walker models available, including ones with rubber grips, wheels, hand brakes, and accessories. The only way to tell if one will be a good fit is by visiting a mobility aid store and discussing your options with the trained staff. Once you have found the right walker for you, you need to fit in a way that allows your elbows to feel comfortable and natural. If your walker is too low, you may find yourself hunching over while you use it.

Walking with your walker
To move with your walker, push it slightly ahead of you and then step inside. Continue this pattern to keep moving forward, but keep your eyes focused on the path ahead instead of on your feet. Just remember that you should never place your walker too far ahead, and you need to maintain excellent posture with each movement.

Sitting with your walker
When you’re ready to sit down, you should first stand with your back to the chair, with the back of your legs touching the chair. Next, you should shift your weight onto your stronger leg, sliding your weaker leg forward. Remove your hands from the walker and place them onto the arms of the chair. From here, you can slowly lower yourself into your seat.

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