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Last Updated on December 10, 2022

If you’re in a wheelchair, you know mobility and accessibility may be a challenge. Reaching things slightly out of reach, opening the refrigerator or pantry, or even getting out of bed might cause you grief. The last thing you want is to fall or injure yourself somehow. Everyone has their definition of a hack, but wheelchair hacks can save you time and effort daily. Often you won’t know what you need or what is helpful until you’re in the moment of need.

Read on for five tried and true hacks that will make your day-to-day life easier.

1. Phone Charger Station

Connectivity is a vital wheelchair hack. One power wheelchair hack is to connect your battery to your phone or tablet. Then, you can use it on the go as well, without worrying about losing a lifeline to assistance. Aim to purchase one that connects to the chair’s batteries with a chair charger bolted onto the back of the chair. If you have a manual wheelchair, a spare battery pack can suffice.Image of a black wheelchair in a hospital corridor for an article about 5 wheelchair hacks for life in your wheelchair.

2. Lap Desk

The next wheelchair hack is a convenient one. A lap desk allows you to balance your meal, hot plates, and workstation. Most lap desks are light enough to lift and move off and on your lap. However, some options can latch to the armrests and be secured in place. This wheelchair tip is simple but useful daily.

3. Meal Prep

The third wheelchair hack is meal prep. Everyone can benefit from meal prep ahead of a busy week. However, for those who are wheelchair-bound often work a little harder to prepare meals than others. If you prepare enough food a few days in advance, it will save you time and struggle each day.

4. Invest in Touchlamps

Touchlamps are good for anyone – not just those in a wheelchair. If your hands are full or you cannot reach a switch, a touchlamp saves you from the struggle of reaching or the potential of falling out of your chair. Another option is to install smart bulbs or smart lamps throughout your home that connect to a voice assistant like Alexa or Google. You can use your voice to turn on or off any light in your home.

5. Change Your Bedframe

The last wheelchair hack is to change your bedframe from an upholstered style to one with bars. This will save you from adding a walker or additional hardware and bars in your bedroom. You can easily slide from your bed into your wheelchair or lift yourself from your wheelchair into your bed.

Additional Wheelchair Hacks

There are so many life hacks for wheelchair users that are wheelchair-bound. Assistive and adaptive devices for exercising — like wheelchair yoga, pins and clips for clothing, and zip ties for drawer handles are all great hacks for people needing extra help. The more mobile you are, the more you may need in your wheelchair.

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