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Last Updated on July 20, 2012

When it comes to mobility aids, there is a product available for virtually every situation. Do you need assistance getting up or down a flight of stairs? A stairway lift can help. Would you like a bit of help getting in or out of your favorite chair? If so, then a chair lift is a great option for you. But, while these products are great for your home, who can you achieve ease of mobility on the go?

If you want the safety, comfort, and convenience of mobility wherever you go, then a tri-fold ramp is for you. The ramp is designed to be used and carried as one unit or, if desired, can be separated into two individual sections, each with their own flexible, non-breakable, ergonomically designed handle. Unlike other portable handicap ramps, tri-fold ramps offer the length required for wheelchairs and scooters to easily access steps, stairs, and raised landings.

Tri-fold ramps are easy to store, easy to transport, and even easier to use. Here are three examples of occasions when a tri-fold ramp would come in handy:

               1. Getting in and out of a non-specialized vehicle – If you or a loved one uses a wheelchair, then you know how difficult it can be getting in and out of a vehicle that doesn’t have a built-in wheelchair lift. Fortunately, a tri-fold ramp makes it easy for wheelchairs and scooters to access appropriate sized vehicles.

               2. Traversing steps or raised landings – Although businesses are required by law to be handicap accessible, you may occasionally run into obstacles such as steps or raised landings. But, because you have a tri-fold ramp in your vehicle, it’s just a matter of minutes before you’re over the obstacle and on with your day.

               3. Traversing moderately steep inclines/declines – Depending on the type of wheelchair you use, it can be challenging getting up or down steep inclines and declines. Fortunately, the skid-resistant surface of a tri-fold ramp makes it safe and easy to get where you’re going, regardless of height difference.


To learn more about the convenience of tri-fold ramps, contact Williams Lift Company today. We have served the residents of New Jersey for over 60 years, and in that time we’ve established ourselves as the premier one-stop shop for all of your mobility aid needs. From tri-fold ramps to wheelchairs and wheelchair lifts, we have what you need. If you have any questions, then contact us online or dial (908) 322-7070.

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