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Last Updated on October 1, 2019

Image of documentation for an article about signing over power of attorney for elderly parents.Obtaining a power of attorney for an elderly parent can be tough. Learn how to file correctly, how much it costs to do so, and what to expect. When it comes to being a caregiver, there are many factors that matter. While it is certainly important to take care of an elderly parent’s health, you may be reaching the point where you are wondering how to obtain power of attorney for an elderly parent.

True, many elderly parents grow old gracefully aging in place, while others need extra help, specifically when it comes to disabilities and other medical problems. If you’ve determined that it’s likely time to get power of attorney for an elderly parent, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Read on to learn about questions such as, “how long does it take to get power of attorney,” and “do you need a lawyer to get power of attorney”?

Important Things to Note About Power of Attorney for an Elderly Parent

There are two separate aspects when it comes to taking care of your elderly parents— guardianship and power of attorney. If your parents become seriously ill before you are awarded guardianship, the court may award it to you so that you are able to take care of your health affairs.

However, power of attorney for an elderly parent must be given to you by your parents while they are of sound mind. This means that the paperwork must be drawn up by a legal representative (attorney) and signed by you and your parents in order to be valid. It is imperative to consider these ideas before your parents become ill or disabled because after that point, matters become much more complicated. Essentially, you should have a lawyer to go about this process to check your work. However, it is not required. Also, if your question is, “how do you get power of attorney over a parent,” there is really only clear answer—it must be given to you by your parents.

Different Types of Power of Attorney for an Elderly Parent

If you’re wondering, “how long does it take to get power of attorney,” POA is granted the moment the document is signed. It is also good to know that there are several types. This is why adding an attorney may be helpful. Choose from different POAs such as:

  • POA for Health Care only. This is very similar to guardianship and allows you to make medical decisions.
  • Limited POA. This allows you to operate in only a limited capacity. For example, if a parent asks you to sell a certain item, the POA ends when the transaction is complete.
  • Financial POA. This grants you access to all assets and financial accounts and usually offers complete control.
  • Durable POA is one of the strongest of all. This gives you access from everything from health care to financials, and can only be ended if it is canceled by the parent, or the parent is deceased.
  • Springing POA. This POA “springs” into effect if your parent is suddenly incapacitated. If their health is okay prior to this point, then you do not have POA over any matters.

Other Questions About Power of Attorney for Elderly Parents

Children may often wonder how much does it cost to get a power of attorney. If you use an attorney, each one has a different sliding fee. It also depends on how many POAs that you file. For example, you may file a limited one for now, with a springing one to take effect later.

Each filing costs somewhere between $50-200 for power of attorney for an elderly parent. Another question many children have is, “how do I get power of attorney for incapacitated parent”? In this case, true power of attorney cannot be granted as the patient cannot legally sign any form. However, you may fill out the appropriate paperwork and ask the court for guardianship and power of attorney. In this case of power of attorney for an elderly patient, it’s wise to consult an attorney. 

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